Microaggressions and other Eurocentric psychobabble

A sociological analysis is far better than a psychological one when it comes to prejudice and discrimination and particularly a Eurocentric psychological one, which devolves into nonsensical “psychobabble” where they create all kinds of jargonized terms like “microaggressions” or “subtle (as opposed to NOT subtle) racism” I think this is all rubbish. And it is ideological rubbish within Eurocentrism to argue that the fundamental philosophical basis of racism or sexism or homophobia or whatever is not the same as before. The reason this has to be argued is that Eurocentrism has sold a generation of unsuspecting mental victims the notion that we have all “overcome” and that everything is changed and that we are now “colorblind” and all progressive and “post-racial” and assorted other BS. Now once you argue that, then if you see something that looks like racism, it has to have a new name and a bunch of new rationales and descriptions because it couldn’t be just plain old racism. Same for the other systems of oppression. This is going to hurt people but racism is racism, sexism is sexism, homophobia or heterosexism (which I think is more what it is since its less about personal fear than social control (phobia is more psychobabble) is heterosexism, nativism is nativism, etc. Let’s stop playing around and pussyfooting with this touchy feely multicultural, diversity crap and get real. If a police officer stops me for “driving while black” today, he or she is doing it, regardless of whether they personally have light or dark skin, for the same EXACT reason they would have stopped me in 1980, in 1970, in 1960, in 1860, in 1760…it’s the same thing..the presumption of “black criminality.” When the rape discussion focuses on “what she was wearing,” its the same stuff as when rape was not prosecuted for more than 200 years. It’s not some new creation, an aberration, a blip on the radar. This is Babylon being Babylon. Stop saying that a lie is prevarication now and thinking that you actually changed the definition, the social and educative causal variables, the phenomenon itself, its effects, or anything. I can call a snake an asp or a serpent and I can argue about the subtle technical differences in those terms, but if you are a person who gets snake bit regularly or have to reside in a snake pit, the distinction is somewhat less important and less intelligent.


3 thoughts on “Microaggressions and other Eurocentric psychobabble”

    1. Eurocentric is not a synonym for “white.” I myself reject “race” as a scientific concept. It is an illusion like Santa. Eurocentrism is a philosophical system grounded in certain Greco-Roman and Enlightenment ideas. The Euro refers not to Europeans collectively but to the origins of the system in Europe and its philosophical tradition. One can have light skin or dark skin and be Eurocentric. In fact, I think Afrikans are currently collectively more Eurocentric than most Europeans and that is one of their major social problems.

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