Revolutionaries who “hate” or push “hate” or suggest it as a resource for any reason are neither in the movement I am in, nor my friends intellectually or in terms of activism. Period. I oppose all forms of hate and the discrimination and prejudice that it engenders. Period. Don’t just count me OUT from that. Count me as your lifelong enemy if you try to implement that. I should not hate any person if I value my humanity and my soul. Hate destroys both and if I have lost as much as we have lost as a collective of people and then we also voluntarily cast into the flames our souls and humanity as well, we have lost more than those who were enslaved and made second class citizens and have become moral equals to the evil ones who perpetrated the crimes against us. I absolutely dissociate myself permanently and irrevocably not only from this kind of thought, but from the movement of anyone who makes this his or her ideology. I am a pan-Afrikanist because of my love for humanity and desire to save it, not because of my hatred. I seek to build, not destroy and unless Afrikans begin to transcend hate and hurt and false historical portrayal of themselves as merely victims and of “whiteness” as the source of all agency with reference to their lives and begin to build, not perpetually focusing on those who victimized them, they will be just as dead as if they did not survive to begin with. The philosophy of hate in response to hate is not even Afrikan. Defense? Yes. Hate? No. Our philosophies argued that you must show more humanity than those that attempted to dehumanize you, not the same lack of it, IF you wanted to be ultimately victorious over their efforts.

Reversing Eurocentric philosophy and calling it “black” is not revolutionary, but reactionary. You cannot honor and advance what is truly Afrikan, by using European thought and ideology. A “black” version of “whiteness” and its racism and imperialism and colonialism and neocolonialism is not going to liberate anybody, least of all Afrikans. That will only further imprison them.


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