The REAL Zombie Apocalypse

There once was a time when having books, paper, pens, and maybe a laptop were the essential elements of being a student or a scholar. I guess now I need to invest in heavy artillery.

Many don’t realize how lax policies are at state educational institutions as regards the capacity to remove students who have mental issues. The students are adults and unless they acknowledge those problems, the university cannot generally act until they create mayhem and death and destruction. At JMU I dealt with a student everyone at the university knew was mentally ill. The student did not provide any such documentation personally but had intimidated and threatened one faculty member and tried that with me. I was point blank told by the university that while they sympathized and had this student on kind of a “watch” list and while I could call campus security in any immediate situation, there was little either I or any faculty member could do until and if there was a formal charge. I think such an idea is idiotic and it is par the course. Universities have these almost useless behavior disruption committees which again, can do little beyond “recommend” and have friendly chats with people until someone gets hurt. In the face of rising murderous psychopathy, we need a zero tolerance policy along the lines of drugs. If we can kick a student out of high school permanently for giving another an aspirin or taking their own outside of the auspices of the school clinic, then I’m thinking the person who is cruising around a largely unarmed university community with rifles and lots of ammo should go, that’s just my opinion.

Keep it up and I will be changing the prefix on all of my courses to AK47. And I know a whole host of Afrikan male colleagues at PWIs who have told me the same thing. We have no intention of standing around defenseless if they move in the direction of campuses that will have everyone armed to the teeth. Outside of formal security, I can think of no rational reason random students, faculty, or staff should be armed with shotguns, rifles, and magazines. But if you put me in Vietnam, I am going to be Rambo. And when you create that fascist environment, let’s see how much quality learning goes on.

How to create a real zombie apocalypse. Fail to provide sufficient mental health diagnosis, treatment, or budgeting for a society in which conservative estimates are that perhaps as much as 70% of the population is clinically depressed or mentally compromised, either documented or not. Pass out guns to everyone. The end.


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