Born Leaders or Leaders Born?

We are all born with some potential to be leaders, but leadership itself is social. You are leading an organization of people and you don’t have physical people before birth or the organization. So leadership skills are developed from postnatal experience and work. The acquisition of these skills is open to everyone, if they choose the path of cultivating their potential.

There are children of leaders that are totally unfit for leading anything. There are children of people who have led nothing who lead countries.

Biology is important to the extent that it gives us a capacity for thought, speech, and action. What we do with it, or what we don’t, is much more a function of socialization and preparation as well as practice than any genes.

Have all the genetic dispositions you want, unless you have political, social, and economic organizations and people to lead, they will all come to no account. Our community may be the best example. We have lots of potential leaders but the lack of any economic, social, and political infrastructure to sustain them and apply their potential skills means they fall by the wayside, never becoming leaders.


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