Deconstructing Race Itself, Rather than Focusing on “Race Privilege”

“Race privilege” is an advantage garnered to me because of my “racial” categorization by others. In Eurocentrism that privilege most frequently and dominantly occurs to those classified as “white.” However, I am personally more concerned about racism than race privilege, since my belief is that if you undermine the philosophy of racism which is general, the specific case of “white” privilege is automatically dealt with. Once you understand that I can be racist with respect to people who don’t have my skin hue, that I can believe in “races” and their existence, that I can use my authority and resources to work for or against some “racial” category, I can insult, discriminate and so on, then you realize the issue of whether I have an OVERALL social privilege in that area is a less relevant question for solving the problem. That is to say I can be racist and if I am “white,” I can also earn white privilege while being racist. But it is also true that while I am not “white,” I can still be racist, just without the privilege. The target for me is not who gets PRIVILEGED by the false category of “race” but the deconstruction of that system of thinking itself.

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