Satan’s Greatest Trick in Eurocentrism

I actually think that people need love, God, and commitment MORE than money. Yes I said that and OUT LOUD! if you or I gave those things and others of like mind did consistently, money would not be a problem because those thing we needed would be provided for. Often the things needed are not money, but the Eurocentric system teaches us you must have money as the prerequisite to everything else. If you are hungry do you need money, no you need FOOD. If you get money and still have no food, you will starve and be buried with your money in your hand. If you get food, you will eat, whether you have money or not. Do not be played. Those that teach you money is the source of all things want you think so because they control money and therefore they will control you if you don that mentality. They cannot control the capacity of the earth to bring forth food for you. You need to plant, not beg for money.

And what really should give you pause is that the same oppressor who tell you money is what you need above all things, also tells you truthfully that money is the root of all evil. Why? Because the teaching of people towards worship and living of life of and for Eurocentric money and material things rather than of and for He who created you and all things and has all things and can give you all you need and for those that gave you birth and prepared your way is idolatry and soul-stealing demonic philosophy.


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