The Perversion of Afrikan Leadership

In the Afrikan tradition, leadership and eldership is important and leaders and elders are supposed to lead in the interests of the collective and the people are supposed to impose that accountability on them. Now I don’t see being a spokesperson for anything as being a leader at all, just a spokesperson. Nor do I have any model for Afrikan leadership like the one in the US that is top down. It was and is the PERVERSION of our OWN cultural models of leadership and its replacement by this Eurocentric positional, status, role model nonsense that led to us being betrayed. So I’m not looking for anything constructive from this current “followship.” I am arguing and have for decades argued for a new generation of Afrikan youth leaders at home and abroad to be socialized in an pan-Afrikan way with a commitment to grassroots organization and institution building along those lines.

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