Against Unanimity and Mass Movement As the Beginning

My elders taught me as a child that if you got EVERY Afrikan doing something, you would not be doing anything because some Afrikans work and have always worked in the employ of our oppressors and they will not join you in a movement for liberation. If they DO, your movement is over. This explains part of the reason the whole civil rights rhetoric and assorted other things like it are useless for us in overall, long-term strategic terms. Those systems just tie us to a greater degree to the oppressive dynamics and systems. They do not, can not, and will not liberate us because they were conceived of or designed for that purpose.

Those Afrikans who define themselves by their oppressors’ systems and cultures are patients to be treated, not the revolutionary force.

Afrikans thinking they are equal members of this reality here in Babylon, for example, is for me a problem to be SOLVED by Pan-Afrikan re-education and re-socialization, not some template to begin it.

I believe we will have to likely lose one entire generation before emerging because of the brainwashing that makes an Afrikan think themselves and identify themselves as everything BUT an Afrikan and makes them a brother or sister to everyone except their own and themselves. How can I be one with humanity and unify with it to build when I am told I may not do so for myself or for my own people? This mental illness must be utterly destroyed.

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