Global Afrikanism

I see the world from an Afrikan global perspective, not a US or a Western one. I am not an integrationist and so I am not trying to position our people relative to a civilization that I see as crumbling in tis decadence and spiritual and cultural obsolescence. I am trying to prepare them and all members of humanity for its fall and for their need and capacity to transcend its philosophical presumptions, spiritual deprivations, and its monstrous historical and contemporary negative effects on humanity.

I believe the focus should be turning our economic, political, and social emphasis towards Afrika and the global Afrikan diaspora. So where Garvey focused on a physical relocation, I propose a psychological, mental, and socioeconomic relocation in terms of our priorities, theories, methodologies, strategic planning, and institution building. My view is that Afrika is where Afrikans are and so when Garvey says Afrika for the Afrikans that is as much about the diaspora claiming its part in the Afrikan story as the continent. A global Afrikan community is more than 1 billion strong, one of the wealthiest on earth, militarily powerful, leader of the two major world religions, and so on. A pan-Afrikan leadership and tactical focus enables us to employ and focus those resources for the good of all the people and humanity. Or we can play slave and colonized person and victim and continue to see ourselves as hyphenated citizens and “minorities” and marginalized people at home and abroad. The important thing as Garvey said is that the choice is ours.


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