No Standing on the Battlefield, No Parking on the Dance of Death Floor

Those that look for impediments to global Afrikan progress will find them. Those that look for Afrikan global potential will find that also. The issue is which one chooses to glorify and venerate and disseminate and aid. It is a political decision. There is no such thing as NEUTRALITY or OBJECTIVITY in a WAR for survival. If you even attempt take that position with respect to your own people in a condition of their oppression, you have already SURRENDERED to the philosophy of the conquerors who will be your masters. “Science” is not as Eurocentrists say an “objective” reality. Their “science” is their cultural intersubjectivity disguised as a master narrative comparatively disavowing and disempowering others, particularly those in critique like those of Afrikan people. The issue is are you going to choose writing the story of the hunter or the lion? And no choice is also a choice.


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