The Fictional Afrikan Nation-State

When you study Afrika, the real one, rather than the Western geopolitical cognitive construction that is given, you would know that the nation state structure is fictional on the ground. Afrikans define themselves by family and kinship and territory, not as Western neocolonial nations. Those that have been Eurocentrically educated may adopt that framework and it turns them into “minorities” and assorted other hyphenated and dysfunctional categories in their own minds and sometimes their own countries and impedes their capacity for global and local political and social communal organization. Any legitimate Afrikan scholar must note the porous and selectively semipermeable nature of economic and social activity across what on Western maps is often a set of inscrutable lines. Afrikans have already dismissed that framework with their lived experience. It is those who have been educated by the West who continue to believe that is the reality in fact. It is the way the West references Afrika and Afrikans but not the way the latter in general reference themselves. Travel to Afrika quickly shows you that the statement I am Ibo, I am Akan, I am Swazi, far outweighs in politics, economics, and custom any statements of nation statehood. And if you want to organize in and comprehend Afrika, you must come to understand that.


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