False Juxtaposition: King and X

I am not personally into Kingism and while I respect his efforts I never claimed his philosophy as my own, nor do I think it the one that will lead to any pan-Afrikan liberation of any kind. To be fair to him, that was NOT his purpose. His purpose was desegregation of the US state and he accomplished that and should be honored for that. Desegregation having been accomplished, we have other tasks and as King himself wrote and said after the core of his movement was completed, his strategy and tactics would need to be changed and evolved for as he said “truly America is much sicker than I ever imagined.” As he moved from civil rights to economic redistribution and revolution, he was vilified and ultimately executed by Eurocentric power. For it was not just “America” that was sicker. Malcolm said that he and King were both “dead men walking” because their critiques would ultimately lead to similar conclusions despite differences in their rhetorical and methodological approaches. He was right and the system killed them both.

I do not as a pan-Afrikan scholar pit Malcolm against King, or Du Bois against Washington in any such Eurocentric dichotomous division because having studied them in depth, they were each dealing with different aspects of the struggle and they each have something to teach if you view them properly in terms of those aspects. King was a desegregationist as was Du Bois at a different time, to compare them to Malcolm or Garvey for example who had different objectives entirely and argue for their relative merits is a deception of the oppressor to make you choose sides when all sides are yours and when choosing sides is to choose them. Even constructing the argument that way is problematic.

It reminds me of when some Afrikans get tricked by Eurocentric theology into choosing Moses or the pharaoh, played into a position where they are taught they must either accept God or themselves. Some still feel like being down with God means dissociating from their own culture, or being cultural means being an atheist. Both sides have been philosophically enslaved.


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