Killing the “Magical White Man” In Yo Head

I am not a “race” nationalist. I do not believe in the existence of separate human races. Being “Eurocentric” is not a synonym for “whiteness” or being lighter in skin color. It means being beholden to a particular set of historically colonizing and imperialist philosophical concepts grounded in Greco-Roman classical philosophy and certain principles of what was called the “Enlightenment” and you can be so, regardless of the color of your skin, or your nationality, or your continent of origin. In fact, my major concern is with how Eurocentric Afrikans have been socialized to become against their own interests.

Nor do I believe in ANY ideology of “race” superiority of any kind. I reject any form of racism, or “race” based prejudice and discrimination and ALWAYS HAVE. This is why you won’t hear the endless specter of the magical “white man” or “the man” most folks in the movement talk about. I reject the notion that Afrikan kujichagulia can be thwarted by racism or any other part of Eurocentrism IF AND ONLY IF Afrikans themselves collectively decide that that will be their destiny and then pursue it. So what an imaginary “white” man does or does NOT do is totally irrelevant to my philosophy.

I used to describe this in a humorous narrative way that gets less and less funny the longer I live because I realize so many Afrikans actually believe that the “imaginary white man” like “Santa,” really does do stuff or prevent them from doing stuff. Certainly there are individual racists and acts of racism but those are no match for any appreciable number of a billion people with any kind of agenda and the world’s largest amount of resources.

In my narrative I said that I had discovered, based on conversations with all the “movement” folk, that the “average white man” was responsible for all Afrikan problems. So I figured if I just talk to him, I might be able to convince him to “let my people go”. It worked for Moses. (that’s a problematic story too but just ride with me here). So I went on national search for the “average white man.” I found him living in some remote town somewhere out here in the Midwest and so I sat down for a chat. I asked him what he thought about Afrikan folk, colored folk, Negroes, black folk, whatever they want to be called this week and he turned me and said “i don’t.” And that is when it hit me. See, he told me he was too busy building housing to live in, taking care of his kids, finding health care, keeping an piece of job, and just trying to get along for him and his community to worry bout me and mine. So not only did I realize he was not doing much of anything that could keep me from doing for myself, but I also realized that I could have been using the time I used to focus on talking to and about him to take care of me and mine. In my narrative, I go back and tell this to the heads of all the Negro organizations and they sentence me to death for this truth. And I say “Why?” They say “you tell the people that and they gone get us for lying to them all these years when we said we and they couldn’t do nothing about their condition on their own. AND all the prominent Eurocentric liberals paying us to be the mouthpiece of the people and make them think they are dependent and have to be, gone cut off our checks. You know we ain’t got no REAL jobs or job skills.”


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