The Hard Truth Aesthetic

I’ve been thinking about my approach to art, particularly my poetry and music. Some are pleasantly surprised that I can be entertaining. What I mean by that is that they know I deal with “heavy themes” and truth and reality and we tend, in Eurocentric culture to associate that stuff with being boring, pessimistic, cynical, angry, and just negative which is why we have this idea that senselessness is more witty and funny and so on. My philosophy towards the politically and spiritually and socially conscious artist is that when you deal with “heavy” stuff in your artistic expression, you have to (a) let people know you love them and they have to FEEL it in your presentation (I’m telling you this hard truth because I love you not to hurt or blame), (b) let them know you are not cynical about it or a pessimist but optimistic that a change can happen and that they can be part of it with you, and © that despite dealing with that real, truthful ugly heavy stuff that you are still fully human and can play and laugh and have joy and be happy at the same time.


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