The Symbolism of “Good” Friday and Resurrection Sunday

The central focus of the Christianity of Christ is the Resurrection not the Crucifixion. The death is relevant not for celebrating the death of the savior, but the death of the penalty for sin and the possibility of progressive sanctification towards God and that is only made complete by the resurrection of life in the face of death. It is Eurocentric Christianity that glorifies death more than the eternal life and if you understand Eurocentrism as a philosophical system you know why. “Good” Friday for example does not symbolically mean that the act metaphorically occurring on that day was good, but that Good, the ultimate Good, the Good that is rooted in God was in action on that Friday. For that which evil intended for evil, was reconstituted for good. It was a corrupt “Friday” claimed for the Good despite the actions of evil. Similarly, in our own lives, we are marched to the Calvaries of our own existence, to circumstances and by people and structures which wish us ill and failure, if not death. But the belief is that God’s power overpowers spiritual death, which is the wage of all sin, and that thereby we too rise again in life. With joy out of sorrow. With healing out of pain. With power out of weakness. You may knock me down, but because He got up, I will by His power, do likewise And beware, for WHEN I rise, my enemies will then be my footstools. This is why a symbolic understanding is so important for a symbolic text to speak to true faith. Literalism of the symbolic confuses people.

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