A Sermonette for A Personal Resurrection

Someone needs a Word of encouragement spoken into their spirit today to dispel demons. It has been spoken. He is risen. Someone needs a healing of their broken heart today. It is given. He is risen. Someone needs an ordering of their mind today. Clarity has come. He is risen. To my brothers and sisters. Right now. Where you are. No matter who you are. God has sent me to talk to you personally. Not because of where you come from or where you live or what you look like or what you have done or had done to you for God is no respecter of persons. He forgives you for what you have done in knowledge. And forgives you for what you are doing in ignorance. He is risen. Today you are thinking about putting the needle back into your arm. You feel it calling you. Today I want you to back away and seek help. And I’m telling you are strong enough. The chain is broken. There’s someone right now that is under condemnation of others, who have put curses upon their life that they are nothing, will be nothing, and that nothing will come of them. Something came out of nothing in a little insignificant town, a man that was nothing to speak of. Today you are freed from the curses of those who have no power over you and given a new belief about yourself that makes you a child of the most high God. You had a past, now you have a future. He is risen. Someone is in prison today behind bars and the system wants to make them prisoners of their mind believing that the sentence is their life. But you have a visitor this day, that is not signed in at the front desk and though chains may stay on your hands and shackles on your feet like a man named John, you are this day a free man in chains and a prisoner only of the flesh and not of the soul. He got up to come for you. There are men and women today who are in relationships in which they are abused or abusers, in which they are parents who do not parent, in which they destroy rather than bring forth life, in which they seek control and money and power and not love. Something is troubling you today. It’s a sharper pain than yesterday and its telling you to walk out from pain, to walk back in to family, to trust that if and when God sends a life He makes no mistakes or accidents, to be the man and woman you were made, to stop the verbal and physical abuse of each other, to seek God first and rebuild the foundation of your house and thereby the community. He is risen and He needs a place to stay and wants to move in with you and abide. There’s someone today who is poor, but there is a man of great wealth heading your way that can meet your every need. He is risen. Someone is on a physical bed and the doctors have said it’s over or maybe it’s not but it’s hard just the same. Someone is a master physician, and even if life itself must end, THIS doctor will stay with the patient with assurance rather than insurance. He is risen. Today I call on all who are heavy laden underneath the burdens of life. I call you to no dead God in a tomb. I call you to no mystical God in the sky. I call you to Immanuel, to God with you, in you, next to you, living and breathing in your life and He’s whispering GET UP..COME OUT..LIVE! Life Prosperity Health! Oh someone didn’t hear him so He’s gotten louder, over the din of the haters and naysayers. GET UP..COME OUT OF YOUR AFFLICTION AND LIVE! Life Prosperity Health! Wait a minute I see somebody sitting in pew in what is called a church, but there is no church and no Word there this Sunday because the hearts ain’t and spirits and the minds ain’t right, Lord just have a private, personal session with someone in the pews, maybe in the choir stand, work some magic in the man or woman standing up there in your name this day. Tell them to GET UP! COME OUT! LIVE! BECAUSE He is risen and He lives! What is the evidence you say? Well I saw Him myself. I have to witness. I was dead just in my yesterday. My heart had nothing going on. My mind was empty. My spirit was dark. But I met this one that was supposed to be dead, claimed for the grave, and He came to me in MY tomb and said “You’re only sleeping. GET UP! COME OUT! LIVE!” and He said one more thing “TELL SOMEBODY..TELL ANYBODY..TELL EVERYBODY about what just happened cause when you tell them, I will give power to your words and they will resound throughout the necropolises of this civilization that others who appear to be dead may rise.” And so if you are within the sound of my earthly voice or sight of my electronic word and still laying there, you ain’t got nobody to blame. ‘Cause the work IS finished. It is done. The work in you is a lifetime, but that greater work which makes the lesser work in you possible is completed. He is risen. GET UP! COME OUT! LIVE! Satan can’t make you stay in that tomb, whatever it was, no more. Set my people free! (Imani in the name of the Lord God of Hosts who is to be praised for ever and ever)


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