Tough Love, Hard Strategic Truth

I am not a political integrationist and so I have no expectation that someone will let me into what THEY control, particularly if I have no financial interest or position from which to influence the decision they have on hiring and so on. If I control it, or at least have a reasonable stake in it, THEN I can expect things and make demands.

“Shoulds” have no meaning in plutocratic capitalism. Just like you do not get a car simply because you need one and because it would be nice, without proper collateral and financial commitment and standing, you also do not get a job or a house or a place on the screen and are not frankly existentially entitled to one.

When Catholics dealt with Protestant education, they built Catholic schools. When Jewish people dealt with Christian education they built Jewish schools. Even the deaf have school systems. What was the Afrikan strategy? Beg and risk life and limb, often losing both, to get in other people’s schools. You cannot and will never have control over what is not yours and that is why I believe the fundamental logic of the civil rights movement and “white liberalism” is a fool’s errand (Washington-Garvey and others warned us). Get in someone else’s house and no matter what you do, THEY will run the house. I still wonder why we are surprised.

The Negro leadership unfortunately has been begging for a position in the external system so long they really don’t know anything else to do, which in my estimation is why they have to ultimately go.


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