What Makes the Prisoner

Prisons will remain as long as there are those among our people who are imprisoned within their minds and spirits. Having done years of prison ministry and work, I find so many, particularly among our youth that do not have the mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing to function within the context of community as a result of their oppression by Eurocentric people and institutions. Having received no help and no proper education and often no love, they become what this so-called civilization has made of many, psychopaths who learn how to exploit their own for money or the illusion of power or control. They are then intentionally allowed for a time to disrupt and undermine community order, relationships, and structure. The so-called Negro leaders are miserable failures and purchased by the system and part of the “contract” is that they do not build counter-institutions. Therefore these young men and women are effectively living on borrowed time as mental slaves and ultimately those who are mentally enslaved WILL find their way to the plantation as an inevitability. The prison is the modern form. All can be reformed and not go or not return but that is a job for us, that only we can do. Even a political revolution will not work because while that may change the political structure, you must change the structure of a man’s or woman’s mind if you truly are to “free” the prisoner. A killer mentality will kill even after the revolution. Any Afrikan can tell you that as those who were destructive of their own before the revolution proved to be the same once the colonial masters were conquered, since they had the colonists mind and spirit. It is not the cell in and of itself that makes a prisoner. Many of our true soldiers went to jail and were THERE but not truly prisoners. But one who is a prisoner within themselves, like a soldier on a God-forsaken battlefield, remains what he or she is and simply moving them off the terrain, sending them home, without the infrastructure to restore their humanity and their conception of themselves as part of it, will be insufficient. Witness the veterans who are trained to kill and dehumanized who are sent home after their tour with that same mind state and then kill or destroy and often their own families and those close to them. The cage does not MAKE the animal, the cage makes the animal worse, and merely destroying the cage will not in and of itself yield a human being. There will be much work to be done, lest you have to restore the cage on your own to contain that which has been MADE within.


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