The Greatest Losses

I have finally come to a conclusion as to the greatest impediments to Afrikan collective progress and it involves two great, if not catastrophic, losses within our cultures. One, the lost of “shame.” When I was growing up, there were many bad things that I thought of doing but I was restrained by a desire not to want to tarnish my family name, disappoint my elders, and/or create a bad impression for the community as a whole by my actions. Even when I violated that code, I felt a sense of “shame.” Now the emphasis is on me doing whatever I want individually without regard to the collective consequences and calling that freedom and my “right.” The other loss is the loss of humility. I can’t tell you how many people come to me or to my page or to my class, not to learn from me or build with me, but to try to outwit me or pull rank on me or be superior or “win” some senseless argument as if that is actually helping us collectively make any progress. The idea of blind, senseless competition, colloquially alluded to in the concept of “crabs in a barrel,” is absolute death to collective progress.


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