Transcending The Atlantic Rubric

“Race” exists as a major concept in only a small number of countries. Part of the reason people in the US and a few other places are so “race” conscious as opposed to ethnicity or many other things is that is the reality here. I think sometimes we don’t realize we are on the island and that the “mainland” is elsewhere, where the majority of the people are. “Race” is not the MAJOR problem in China, India, and even in many parts of Afrikan states themselves, but those of us in Babylon and Europe see the world through the only prism they gave us. Most people simply do not eat, sleep, and breathe Eurocentric “race” categories. That is mental illness of our condition and socialization here.

Until Afrikans start to be able to theoretically and practically conceive of the larger Eurocentric economic, social, and political superstructure BEYOND the two dimensional Eurocentric “race” construction and characterization, we will stay in our collective state of oppression and victimization.

A lot of times problems within the community over other things is far more important than the prejudice of people outside. There is no question that engaging in racism and adherence to white supremacy ideology is evidence of mental illness, but so is perpetually believing that those things define or HAVE to define your OWN conceptions of reality and of your OWN potential for constructive and liberatory agency on your behalf.

I have always been more concerned about US and what WE do or don’t do than external others since our destiny is more and has always been more effected by what WE do or don’t do, allow or don’t allow, than some THEM. I think we are more the THEM holding us back than THEY.

If you think the entire global system of Eurocentric oppression reduces to people with lighter skin than you collectively or to a particular person with lighter skin than you oppressing you and you orient yourself to counter THAT rather than a global social, political, economic and psychological system that goes far beyond skin color, you are misdiagnosing the source of your enslavement and effectively undermining any possible strategy for real liberation. That is in my mind WORSE than not knowing you are oppressed by a system at all. Ignorance may create a kind of illusion of bliss, but strategic and tactically stupidity in the face of the latter reality will get you and your people killed.

The Eurocentric man in Afrikan communities is often not “white” in physical appearance. It’s not just Europeans or even Euroamericans who run this power structure. In fact, many of the people you see, whatever they look like, are symbolic functionaries and not the real authorities. The real authorities in this global system come from every society and every social group including Afrikans.

Unlike most of those who spout the rhetoric, I really DO reject race and the “race” framework because I know that is not the fundamental basis of the political and social organization of this global system. Eurocentrism is a cultural and spiritual domination system, not a biological one. It is that misunderstanding that I am trying to work against. To use the Christian language, we war not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness which has no specific “color”. It can manifest and incarnate as anything and anyone at any given moment.


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