The Ultimate “Stoogism”

You cannot have a more “stooge” philosophy for Eurocentrism than “integrationism” where you agree to have no economic base of your own and are surprised when you end up collectively broke, you accept a vote in a political process that you have no influence in as “progress”, you consciously submit your children to the educational curriculum of your oppressor and are surprised when they are largely miseducated, AND you seek to undermine your own institutions and your own people trying to build them, believing the essential goal to be a “minority” part of someone else’s.

The Negro elites, having reduced us to an economy of beg, bum, borrow, and steal with no productive capacity, endless and destructive conspicuous consumption, political symbolism with no substance or results, and completely failed educational systems, must insist that we continue to pledge fealty to the system and to the failed methods and organizations they used to get us here, because they get paid by Eurocentrism to make sure that we do not listen to those ancestors who told us and warned us that we must do for ourselves or remain slaves.


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