Against the Unified Field Theory of Afrikan Unity

A single unified continent in the particular US form is in my opinion, unrealistic given the historical, as well as contemporary diversity of Afrika. While there can and MUST be a unity, it does not HAVE to be unitary. Our history is syncretic, unity IN diversity, not monolithic and it never was and never will be. Trying to impose that by force will simply lead to an Afrikan form of fascism or a kind of Afrikan assimilationism. I believe in the idea of an Afrikan Global Community which would control central elements like international trade policy, currency, military, diplomatic relations, and maintain an international level judiciary and political structure, but would leave to regional and local political units and traditional lines of authority decisions appropriate for that level (UNLIKE THE US) simply because any forced march to some magical universal centralization would result in unparalleled bloodshed of Afrikans against themselves (a process from which the grand schema and even the continent itself would likely not recover).


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