No on all the Negatives

I work every single day with Afrikans from around the world. We disagree at times like all people, but not about the really important things and we DO work at solving the problems and ARE making progress. Our traditional cultures argue for the power of nommo or the “so deyi,” the capacity to speak things into existence. Thus we have to claim positivity, speak positivity, believe in it as a prerequisite for successfully working together positively. If we keep the slavemasters’ rhetoric of “can’t”, “must disagree”, “doomed”, and other stuff then we become that, not because it was our destiny but because we claimed that instead of. Our Kemetian ancestors greeted each other with the words “life prosperity health” and we know that not everyone in Kemet had prosperity and many at times faced challenges to life and health as people do now, but it was deemed vital to speak positivity that the energies of the universe would be directed to that ultimate set of ends on behalf of the individual first and the people as a whole second. I often wonder if the tongue of Afrikans were to be struck dumb for any discouraging statement they made about themselves or their own people, if there would be much conversation left. If not, then that is at the core of the problem among us more than even the systems of oppression that are external.


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