Que Sara Sara

As for Afrikans who come up with reasons not to help their own people, educated or not, I tend to subscribe to the philosophy that that which does not want me, is not wanted BY me. That which does not wish my success, will not CONTRIBUTE to it. Thus, I don’t lament the loss of those who flee the cause or find excuses for not joining. They are useless anyway. Carter Woodson made that clear. Sometimes it is their “mis”education that contributes to both their thinking and their course of action (or inaction). Fortunately I was culturally and socially EDUCATED BEFORE my Eurocentric credentialing.

I see it again and again. In order for Afrikans to be free, “pigs must fly.” Pigs don’t fly, they have never flown, and there is no evidence they will. So having imposed a condition we know is impossible to achieve by any conceivable means, we are back to “doom and gloom.” What makes me different is that I see the potential for Afrikan progress in the real Afrika that exists now. I do not, as some revolutionaries, try to retreat to some magical pristine Afrika of centuries ago which does not exist and will not again (our elders said that is not the path of history) or to some future equally magical vision that is totally unrealistic given the contemporary situation on the continent and throughout the diaspora. All of my work and strategies, for better or worse, begin with Afrikans where they are, as they are, and then theorize about how they can begin to progress now in that locale. I really think anything else is either a waste of time or a rhetoric of hopelessness and if someone is giving us either, the question becomes why do we listen to them? I look and listen and pay attention to those who want to build, and who believe in us as a people and believe as they build that we will succeed.

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