The Bloodlust of Revenge and Why It’s NOT Revolutionary

What is idiotic is the notion that revenge, while indeed a type of action, solves anything. Had Afrikans burned the courthouse and killed say Zimmerman, they themselves, given the nature of the system would have been jailed or killed and we could go on with that, but given that we have less people here, that kind of cycle is a recommendation for genocide which is little more than foolish ego being presented as revolutionary tactics. Real revolutionary action would be the building of collective institutions to protect our young in terms of their education, employment opportunities, socialization, spirituality, etc. Failure to do so, sets them up to be there when the demonic Zimmermans come. We cannot undo what has happened and no additional death in and of itself will do that either. Simple revenge is not justice for the victim. Justice is that his or her death, destructive, is converted into creative energy that prevents further death. The opposite of death is not more death, but life, and those who think mere killing and mayhem is building revolutionary community and society either don’t know what the goal of a real revolution is or are actually just ego-tripping in their masculinity. Killing Zimmerman may make someone feel better in terms of their ego, but it will do nothing to stop the next death or to move the people forward and that is the criteria by which action, REAL, LEGITIMATE action must be judged. There is nothing revolutionary about Afrikans wantonly, without organization, structure, and/or discipline killing and dying, as romantic as that fantasy might be. When Toussaint launched his revolution, it was for freedom and a new society that he never got to build, but at least it was a goal. Merely killing random French people was not the goal. When Huey Newton took up the Panther call, it was not to randomly kill police on a tit for tat basis, but to organize a system of communal defense and a society. A revolutionary who kills with no vision of what he or she will do, much less the people, when they do, is a fool waiting to die and a people who follow such people will be cannon fodder for their errant schemes. Exactly this kind of revenge motivated thought has us slaughtering our own people on the continent where the goal is to seek blind revenge without a plan for how what is taking place is going to contribute to building a just society.

Vigilantism, be it individual or collective has NOTHING to do with Afrikan revolution and even when Afrikans fight as warriors, THAT is not OUR cultural tradition but those of the lynch mobs and Klans of those who oppressed us. So even if and when we need to take collective action that involves force, it cannot be on the basis of simple tit for tat revenge. The cause of the people must be greater than any one life, must be driven by something more than masculine ego, and most consider at all times the immediate as well as the long-term consequences of action rather than momentary gratification.


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