The Great Afrikan “Do-Over”

People speak of Afrika in terms of a deficit, what we do not have relative to those who have. Yet those who have, took what they have from us, therefore we have.

It is Afrikans’ learned and errant cognitive belief that either all we have was taken or that we had and have nothing to take that is the penultimate obstacle to our tactical and strategic progress. For while we remain in that condition of mental illness, those that know we have things of value will continue to take them from us.

A people who falsely approach all things of value or worth as alien or foreign to themselves will have a mentality of that perpetually perceiving of themselves as victims and will perennially be dependent on others, believing that that necessarily must be the case.

When Afrikans realize that all that IS is rooted in them and their own cultures, and therefore can be regenerated from among them and applied to their own social, economic, and political purposes (AGAIN, as before in history) THEN the resurrection shall begin.

For us it is not a process of either theft or recovery, but REMEMBERING and governing ourselves then by what we remember.


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