The Lord is the Word

Actually the Lord IS the Word. The notion that something other than Him is, is theological confusion. Scripture is meet for instruction and reproof but Christ Himself is the Living Word. There are many things in the biblical text which contravene the teachings of Christ which are examples to us, but we judge them and divide the words rightly by reference to His life which never contravenes God and which is the true Word. There are many people with Bibles who are members of churches who are NOT disciples of Christ and Christ said so. No text, no edition will save you. No text, no edition can forgive your sins. No text, no edition makes you the judge of your fellow man and woman, nor of even yourself. Only Christ alone. And you know Him by faith experience not by text, IF you know him at all. There will be a substantial number of bibles in Hell, borne by those who put their faith and worship in texts, organizations, and clergy rather than in Him.

“And the Word BECAME FLESH and DWELT AMONG US…” Can’t get no clearer than that. No text is flesh and no text walked among men. The Lord did and He is referred to as the author and the finisher of our faith, meaning He is the reference point for the faith of a true Christian, nothing else. That does not mean that the Holy Spirit will not lead you to the Bible or that you should not study scripture. You SHOULD for it helps you develop discipline and understand the lessons that Christ taught. But to confuse the text itself WITH Christ is a heresy of soul-stealing proportion that Eurocentrists introduced into their Christianity and that has trapped so many who think they are following Him and who are actually following someone’s written interpretation and theology associated with a text. Christ was before there was any language or any Bible. Christ will be when there is but His language and no bibles. He is therefore not the bible, but the eternally living Word.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” If the Word was there in the beginning it cannot be the bible for the bible is more recent as an anthology of earlier texts. The Word here must refer to some living Word that transcends time. It then says the Word was with God and was God. No text is God and worshipping a text is heresy and blasphemy. Yet, God IS to be unceasingly worshipped and worthy thereof, so the Word that is God must not be a text, cannot be that which changes or dies or comes in different editions, but if it is God, then the Word must be one of the persons of God and Christ is that person.

Many Eurocentric Christians are little more than modern day Pharisees, clinging to their bibles, thinking THOSE justify them and make them righteous as their ancient theological ancestors thought the rituals and texts of the Law made them holy. There will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth over this in the day to come.

The Lord says I am the Alpha and the Omega. That is a reference to beginning and end, but also to the Greek notion of logos. Those were not the original words and not the original language but the point is that the statement refers to the alphabeta, to the word as a construction of thought and language. Here the Lord establishes that He is not only the Living Word, but the First Word of Creation and the Last Word of Time.


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