Toilet Paper and Global Afrikan Economic Power: Time to Clean Up Some Sh…….

Afrika has more than 1 billion people globally. If it focuses on its own, it has a sufficient market to develop. It is precisely the neocolonial “here to provide goods and services to the world first” model that is its Achilles heel. Afrikan societies do not exist to provide services, good, and materials to Eurocentric global imperialism. In colonialism, they were forced to. But in the so-called POSTcolonial, actually NEOcolonial period, it is the mentalities of the lost that continue the conduct. While that may enrich a few individuals as middlemen and women, it is not a continental development model. In our case, we do not meet our needs FIRST and so we are doubly disadvantaged. We HAVE to buy for our needs AND we HAVE to sell our goods and services at a buyers price in order to sustain our economies. That will never work. At best, it will get us to stand in place. If Garvey said “Afrika for the Afrikans”, economically we must say Afrikan economies for Afrikan peoples. There can be local strategies, regional strategies, continental strategies, and global pan-Afrikan ones, but Afrikans must prioritize themselves and their needs. If Afrikans made a collective commitment to sell and consume their own TOILET PAPER, the company that would result would be the largest paper conglomerate in the world the day it opened. But we are not going to open it as long as we think our economic purpose is to sit around and wait for master’s request.

Any economic model that involves Afrika being dependent on external inputs and demand as the primary engine of its growth, in the context of the current global economic system is a failure out of the gate. If you are wholly dependent on the inputs, the price will be controlled by those who are receiving the services and not you and they will seek to pay, obviously, as little as possible.

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