Protecting the Voices of the Oppressed Without Imposing Fascist Silence

We want to make sure that the voices of oppressed people are heard, but you have to avoid arguing that to do that, you have to silence everyone else. You make a generalization so that “white” people can say nothing about “race” without being attacked just for having an opinion. You say that men are all sexists and therefore have no place in a discussion about gender. This goes back to the error this society makes where you personalize ideas, inscribing them on and to bodies, making it impossible for people to grapple with ideas without impugning the dignity of particular people. The fact that “white” privilege in terms of the variable of “race” exists does not automatically invalidate anything a person who happens to be classified as “white” says on the subject.” Similarly, the fact that one has male genitalia in a patriarchal system does not mean they cannot be heard at all when talking about sexism. Yet, there is a euro-liberal fascist discourse that would argue something perilously close, halting, in my opinion, the real dialogue necessary for collective action, coalition building, and real social progress. I have always been deeply suspicious of what is called “political correctness” because quite often facilitating it results in actions and one-sided, monolithic discussions that are anything but correct

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