Back to the Future..I mean Past..I Mean Future..I Mean Going Nowhere

This focus on “originality” and “authenticity” and “traditional” among activists as if Afrikan history and social institutions are or have EVER been static anywhere, such that you can go back and them in a pure form which is assumed to be superior to whatever exists now, and to have no flaws is the result of the lack of effective scholarship. There is no singular original Afrikan social religious or spiritual system, or language, or culture that we have record of to go back to. Afrikans were syncretic and geographically and culturally diverse from the earliest recorded time.Even if there was, it does not exist today in whatever form it did and going back to it would be disastrous because whatever it was, it was not suited for the present time and circumstance. Afrikans respect their history, study it, but do not seek to go back and live in it. And so this endless retreat to some magical past is a empirical delusion and a practical and inherently a tactical and strategic failure for the movement. It was false even before enslavement and colonialism and neocolonialism; NOW such a belief is simply factual heresy. You can convert to Yoruba, wear a dashiki, try to speak some reconstituted ancient Nubian dialect, change your hair and do all of that and you do not thereby become more conscious, or an ancient Afrikan or the original man or woman. You become an actor engaging in act that satisfies some kind of mental illness you are struggling with that causes you to want to retreat from the present and that retreat among activists usually is a signal that they have no real faith in Afrikan people today. So they begin by saying in order for us to make progress into the future, we have to go back to what we were and since we cannot go back, they make up some false stuff, call that the past, and go there. Where are their people while they go back to the future past? You guessed it. Right here, looking at them like they are nuts, and hoping somebody comes up with a plan for TODAY! You do not need to go back into the past to find Afrikans or the potential for Afrikan greatness. You do not have to turn into something that you pretend is original or perfect. Afrikans, the ancient ones you want to be like, said YOU ARE them. They live in you. We are them within ourselves because their life-force is in us. So the issue is not for me to go back, but to remember that I am what they were and I can do what they did and that I now, being them, have the charge for doing so.


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