Stuck in the Booth

Two brothers lamented the economic condition in the local community
Brother One: It’s hard out here…man
Brother Two: Yeah, man. Ain’t been able to find no job nowhere
Their conversation is overheard by Clark Kemet, a local Negro reporter. He says “don’t worry fellas, I got dis!”
He runs into a nearby phone booth..sounds of frenetic activity are heard..the negro national anthem breaks out of thin air, and then he re-emerges as Super Afrikan. He wears a suit made out of a Bandera, with bright splashes of red, black, and green, dreadlocks down to the floor, rings and Afrikan medallions, and begins conversing about ancient Afrikan civilization. He walks up to them and begins uttering ancient recitations from the Ife, covering them in scented oils and clouds of incense. He then pauses. “All is well, we are one with our ancestors.”
Brother One: “Um..ah… man..big brother All-might-Tee? Are you hiring right now?
SA: No, the cosmic force will provide brother, have faith
Brother Two: Is there any paper in that booth you just came out of? Like 10s and 20s or maybe a job application?
SA: No within the cosmic eye self, you have all you need. You are the original man.
The two brothers one and two look at each other…
About an our later..a local police officer notices a strange scene at the phone booth and radios in: “Yo chief, I think we need get down here with the jaws of life, we got this guy dressed like a bright red and green Christmas ornament who somehow got himself trapped and wedged upside down in a phone booth. “


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