Vampire in the Academy

To be in Black Studies in Eurocentric academia is to be a kind of vampire. Now of course vampires are usually the victim of having been bit and exploited themselves who now have to exist in the reality of those who victimized them, which is why the analogy is apt. Eurocentric academies creating Black Studies departments and appointed real committed scholar-activists to run them or participate in them is a bit like them appointing and paying for the “vampire” to be the head of the blood bank to show their “tolerance” for those of different “species”. If the vampire does a good job at what they do out of who they are, it’s going to be a problem. So the systemic desire would be for the vampire to kind of stand in place, symbolically denoting the systems “diversity”, starve themselves, and in effect, NOT be what they ARE in order to legitimate the blood bank. Of course the truly committed vampires will pay a heavy price as they righteously act to ensure that reasonable portions of the plasma supplies begin to be redirected to them and their families and communities to sustain and develop THOSE rather than the systemic purpose which is to legitimate and sustain the superior “human” population.


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