The Ultimate in Inconvenient Truth

GOD, the all in all, the supreme being, will PUNISH and DESTROY that which is wicked. Notice I did not say I will. He will. I judge no one and have neither heaven nor hell of my own to grant or withhold. But as a servant of the Lord it is my RESPONSIBILITY to tell you that, not out of hate, but out of love, that your soul might be saved. I don’t CARE if that makes you uncomfortable because I serve Him and not you and your ego. The discomfort you and I feel in the face of such a truth is called CONVICTION where you feel the innate spiritual presence of God within yourself and His judgment of you and your transgression which He knows. If you are humble and truly wise, you seek His forgiveness, accept the fact that only He can help you fix the grievance and ask for Him to begin to transform you into the image of righteousness. But if you are arrogant, strident in your evil, boastful in your impudence, even to the point of attacking those HE sent to warn you, who have done you thereby no crime and who only love you, then you WILL reap the FULL measure of what you have sown and the ultimate wages of sin are DEATH. I stand on that truth until I die and face Him as we all will. Neither for a job, or fame, or fortune, or anything in this material world will I trade that which is true, nor the speaking of that which is true, with respect to God. And if your effort is to attack me because of my faith, then you have honored me more than any honor you could bestow. For if I am crucified in His name, so shall I too have my portion in His resurrection. And if you crucify His presence in me, so shall you have your portion in Hell. I pray that those who harvest my posts will see this one, copy it, and spread it to every corner of the earth in His name that those who God loves will heed His call to forgiveness and progressive sanctification and be saved from the worldly corruption that is yet to come.


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