The AfroGenetic Superiority Myth

I’m just gone help someone with genetics cause someone missed a science class. “Afrosupernegroes” claim to have proof that “black” people are superior to “white” people. (of course this is exactly the same argument the white supremacists made in reverse and when you are making the same argument in reverse as white supremacists you would think you would be suspicious, but anyway…). The basis for this insight is the fact that Afrikan genes are dominant and European genes are recessive. Dominant is not superior in nature, that is a Eurocentric social Darwinist idea. Recessive is not weak in biological terms. Dominant genes are parent genes, that is to say dominant genes are first in development, recessive genes arise out of dominant genes. So saying Afrikan genes are dominant just means that the Afrikan populations were first, which actually has been known for the better part of a century in science, so if you’re just getting the news, great, but this is NOT a revelation. And in fact, in given biological situations having dominant or recessive genes of various types can be an advantage or a disadvantage. And in no case do either types of genes determine a person’s SOCIAL superiority and in fact in the global population, people have large quantities of both. The posts also say that Mendel is the source of this, that’s actually wrong too although he contributes substantially to the Eurocentric portion of the literature (when Afrikans start quoting Eurocentric eugenic scientists for information…never mind). I could be a criminal, a psychopath, ignorant, and have lots of dominant genes. I could be a Rhodes scholar and have lots of recessive ones, so simply having more genes that are older and “parental” in that sense does not make me socially superior and the Afrikan version of this argument holds no more scientific and empirical water than the European version that was trotted out for years. And the melanin version of this doesn’t work either, since the actual quantity of melanin for different population groups is similar, it’s just that in people exposed to higher levels of solar radiation, the melanin clusters around the skin cells and closer to the surface, giving you a much darker physical appearance. So for all the melanosupermen in the projects and me Kryptonighty nite with a smack many fools stick and a real genetics book. No matter how many times we play this skin color makes me superior or biology makes me better or whatever the formulation of this Eurocentric racist rhetoric and from either direction, it is scientific nonsense. It’s embarrassing that we are still playing in the Crayola box kiddie science kit.

Even the quest to be superior to other human beings is a Eurocentric goal. That was never the goal of Afrikan civilization. The goal was excellence. If one was superior, one was superior in character, ethics, compassion, leadership, and intelligence. Lacking those, nobody cared what your gene pool looked like. John Brown had a large amount of recessive genes. I will STILL take him over Afrosupernegro man for real work and commitment. Got to grow up, people and put away this childish knowledge you got from a slave master who wanted you to always be a child in thinking about human beings and the goal of righteous society.


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