Beware the Hand Coming From The Left: It Can Slap Too

A Eurocentric liberal believes in the fundamental character of the system and at best is a reformer who is trying to help you assimilate to it. A radical like John Brown is trying to overthrow the system and ally with you to do it. There is a tremendous veneer of “white liberal” activism and it is often paired with plutocratic philanthropy. Yet, it is grounded in paternalism, where I accrue an image of myself as superior and “liberal” by virtue of me helping, mentoring, or guiding you, the invalid or “victim” to the light. Eurocentrism light, if you will. I often prefer Eurocentric conservatism to Eurocentric liberalism because that conservatism says “I will sell you out”. Eurocentric liberalism says “I am not selling you out, I am helping you by negotiating a higher price for your services”.


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