I’m not a king, but I am ruled by one

Just saw a post that said “Black men are kings not niggas.” Actually this is our problem, we have been falsely taught to either see ourselves as inferiors, as niggas, or we have to be superiors as in kings. Most Afrikan men are NOT kings or even direct descendants OF kings and in fact there is something to be said for not advocating the glorification of monarch,y which tends to be only as good as the particular ruler and is often a justification for exploitation and authoritarianism. See I am not your king, messiah, ruler, god or any such thing. Nor do I aspire to be. Nor is that my ancestral lineage. My lineage is of humble laborers, everyday citizens, hard workers, the enslaved. The ones who harvested the food we ate, drew the pictures we observe, sang the songs we sing, built the buildings in which we worship and abide. They had personally little gold, or diamonds, or silver but were wealthy in humanity beyond measure. And despite the fact that they were not royal, they were also not niggas. For me, the first step to being one is thinking that the only basis for pride in and respect for yourself is having authority over someone else. For me there is but one King. We have niggas and kings, what we NEED are just a few good MEN. MEN who rule nothing accept themselves in godly discipline. MEN who build homes for their families. MEN who take care of their young. MEN who constitute worthy partners for the women in the community. MEN who know that strength is ultimately of the spirit and the mind and if not there, the strength of the body is by itself, a poor surrogate. The true MAN is not the man who aspires to rule everything and everyone else, but the man who submits to the rule of that which is greater than he and by which he acquires dominion indeed.


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