Concerning Beginnings

One of the first battles in Afrika for those Afrikan Jews who had become the first Christians was a battle against the Roman church as it was fighting against the core churches in Libya and Egypt for supremacy. It ultimately won that battle by force, but its existence is a critical element in the struggle of the European church to seize illegitimate control of the faith. Any Christian scholar knows about this. Anyone speaking claptrap who says Europeans invented or “gave” Afrikans Christianity is both ignorant of and disrespects that ancestral struggle. We need to study religious history in depth, just as other scholars have devoted their lives to study other elements of our history. There are no “shortcuts” and certainly not one that just resigns all of this to the slavemaster and says “he gave it to us”. That is kindergarten reasoning and unworthy of those who sent us forth and who have expectations for what we must do now for the people.


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