Exit Stage Left: But We Need You To Cut The Foolishness and Come Back!

The mark of a true Negro is when he or she runs around giving Europeans credit for creating stuff, most of which the latter simply stole or borrow or customized for their imperial and cultural purposes. The irony of Eurocentric history is that Eurocentric culture created originally almost nothing. Even the guns Europeans used to enslave and colonize Afrikans and the Chinese were powered from the gunpowder of Chinese civilization and the iron and metalworking of Afrikan civilizations. We have to stop crediting thieves and start reclaiming our own things. An elder told me that it’s not that we are weak, but that we fear we are NOT. As long as we can attribute things we do not study and therefore do not adequately understand to use for our own purposes, to the slavemaster, we can externalize responsibility. As long as we attribute the problems, for example, of religious institutions in our communities today to their false derivation among some other cultural system, then we cognitively eliminate our real ancestral obligation and responsibility to engage them and re-Afrikanize them. We can then go off into the matrix and other elements of space cadetry and do nothing, claiming that unless the masses magically choose to leave them, we can’t make progress. That is the road of the ignorant and the cowardly, not of the revolutionary or the Afrikan.


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