Nothing plus Nothing Equals..Well, You Know

The overwhelming majority of the people in the Western Hemispheric part of the Afrikan movement I hear wax philosophic about religion, theology, biblical archaeology, anthropology, or religious philosophy have studied NOTHING, NADA, ZIP in those fields and basically they just combine stereotypes, half-truths, and what they read somewhere from someone who ALSO has no expertise in those fields, with their personal ideologies and biases against religion in general or some specific one and tries to palm that off as “consciousness.” Sadly, they are generally surrounded by drones who know so little themselves that they worship these ATM scholars and adopt whatever they say as ironically, “the word of God” on the subject.

In the Afrikan context, wisdom is not some “secret”, it doesn’t require you change your hair, religion, physical appearance, name or any of that simply to acquire it. It does however, require a lifetime of work and commitment and if I meet one more Jack in the Box instant Afrosupernegro named Ra Cosmic Sun Allah Hotep Nubian Babadoodoo who couldn’t pass an entry level theology test examination or for that any test in any real course on Afrikan history or culture, trying to tell ME about the history of Christianity cause he ran into a sage at the local K-Mart with some paperbacks, I am going to catch a case.

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