The Falsehood of the Idea of the Colonial and Imperial “Giver”

The narrative that Europeans GAVE Afrikans everything or for that matter almost ANYTHING is the most basic element of white supremacy and Eurocentric teaching where some socially constructed “they” become the source of everything. If you are applying and pushing THAT kind of narrative, in terms of religion or anything else, you are not pushing an Afrikan or pan-Afrikan one at all, but your slavemaster and colonizer’s version of history and if you’re doing that, you need to question your motives, and so does anyone listening to you who wants to make real progress among the masses of the people today.

Anyone Afrikan who believes today that Europeans created Judaism, Christianity, or Islam when they were not even IN either of those for most of their early histories and knew nothing about them and says that out loud is just revealing to me that they have not been studying at all or studying adequately in any of the relevant fields concerning the histories of these faith systems.

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