The Christian Right (Obligation) of Self-Defense: Death to all vestiges of Slave Theology

Any man of God who does NOT defend his house, his wife, his children, and his community in the name of God when it is attacked is not worthy of Him and is attempting to use religion to cover cowardice. Self-defense, either individual or collective, when necessary, is not violence and never was and was not presented so among the people of God in the scripture who often had to fend off attacks, real and spiritual.

Tragically many people who claim to be religious spend more time defending errant and mistranslated religious ideological ideas than they do the very physical, material, real gifts that God has placed before them and CHARGED them to defend. People put burglar alarms around their churches, but let the children be gunned down in the streets. Asbackwards socially AND theologically.

Nothing in scripture says people of faith should be defenseless. That is Eurocentric slave theology anyway. The people of God fight to defend what God has created and to the death. Anyone who knows scripture knows that. So there is a Eurocentric myth underlying this logic that is problematic. I have complete faith in God and will defend myself and my family and that which God has blessed me with to the last drop of blood, make no mistake. In fact, scripture gives me the obligation to do so. I cannot love what I am not willing to defend. The key is “defend” not offend and so I live in peace with those who live with me in peace, but I have no obligation to allow Satan to attack me and stand idle. They taught that to oppressed people and slaves so they would believe that God wanted their suffering and so they could remain defenseless. That is a misinterpretation of two Christian ideas. One that Christ died, so I should simply do so without resistance. He was SUPPOSED to for spiritual reasons and no Christian IS Christ (that’s a blasphemous idea) and therefore unlike Him, we are not ourselves destined to die or to be martyrs. We WERE until He completed His work SO THAT WE MIGHT HAVE LIFE. Second, the passage “turn the other cheek” which does not mean in the original context, hit me again after you hit me, it means to turn away and withdraw from that which is evil. If a situation has harmed you or brought you pain or spiritual suffering, turn not partially away but fully away for those people and situations are not worthy of a child of God. It was the same as when Lot and those fleeing divine punishment were told not to look back. In literal terms it comes from an ancient Afrikan ritual of shaming where someone who did something morally reprobate had to sit in the center of the village circle and have the elders, one by one, turn away from them, and then they would be expelled. It was being treated like you no longer existed and that you were no longer part of the community and the family. Those who do not truly study and are not truly wise in the faith mock it, but the mocking of God and the people of God will ultimately have its rightful consequence. The idea that faith in God requires defenseless is complete ideological and historical nonsense and even those who taught it to the oppressed knew it was because they never lived by its principles even as they taught it.

Anyone who thinks Christians or Jews historically did not defend themselves has not studied Christian history or that of Jews and it’s only this slave theology offshoot which was fabricated in Eurocentric oppression and for its ends, that has this branch that says no matter what you do to me I have to stand there like a deer in a headlights and do nothing. I should note, I DO have an obligation to ultimately forgive you, but I am talking about the immediate situation where you constitute a deadly threat to my life of the life of those in my family or community. I do not have ANY obligation to do nothing. And if you value the life God gave YOU, I would highly recommend that you do not approach me, other Afrikans, or any Christians who truly understand their faith with an assumption like that in some threat. The one called Samson should be a warning. The Philistines threatened the people of God. My recollection was that the met the jawbone of an ass on the wrong end. They were destroyed by God and at the hand of a mortal believer and a disciple. Fresh out of jawbones, but I do have several smack a fool sticks.

God MAY choose for a believer to do nothing and stand still in a given situation and He may act independently of human contrivance, but be aware He may also use a believer or a group of them to deal with you and there is nothing in scripture that prevents that. We have scriptural references for both. Assuming simply that “believer” means “defenseless” or that “non-believer” means “safe” is completely errant. I am anything and everything BUT defenseless and someone better tell the Devil and all those who come in THEIR father’s name to do me harm. Touch not His anointed for if the fall of His anointed is not His will, they will not fall, YOU will.


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