Concerning the Difference Between the Church of Man and the Church of God

The human church, as opposed to His, which the scripture says will be destroyed (Revelation), uses “membership” to guarantee allegiance to itself as well as tithes and offerings and seeks to build ITSELF. People end up worshiping and following clergy and denominations rather than Christ.

God issues two indictments against the human church that He says will get unrighteous ones destroyed . (1) That they have left their FIRST work. What IS the FIRST work of the TRUE church? To find it, you must seek the instruction of the one for whom the church was created and the answer is found in what we call the great commission, to make disciples for Christ NOT members or money or fame.

Indictment two was that the human churches which are unrighteous have abandoned their FIRST love. What was and should be the proper FIRST love of the church? Christ. He calls the church His bride. There is nothing holier than the union of man and woman to become one. To say He wants to “wed” with us collectively as the church is a metaphorical and literal statement of His love for us for in that prophetic “wedding” we become equal to Him and one.

God’s church..GOD’s church which may or may not have anything to do with the place you’re in charge of, go to, work for, or get paid from, is open to ALL. Not just to those currently saved or who are members. Oops! Let me say that again. The church can be a vehicle for people to accept the gift of salvation, but being “saved” in the correct sense of that term or being a formal member is not and should not be a precondition for your ability to go to, participate in, or be involved in GOD’s church.

The church is supposed to be open for believers and nonbelievers, for the saved and the lost. Giving your life back to God is a choice. He offers the gift but does not compel us to Him as slaves. He maketh the sun to shine equally upon the righteous and the wicked.

He is the invited guest, seeking a desirous host, not a thief breaking in or a slave master compelling entry by order and the church must proceed in His name and by His spirit in regard to its evangelic mission.


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