Ain’t It Good to Know..Wouldn’t It Be Nice

How wonderful and optimistic it is to know that this being God created called man, for all his and her shortcomings has such an imprint of their creator that they will sometimes even do good or make good things happen inadvertently, not by their own choice but because of the goodness inherent in the spirit with which they have been endowed. Its those tears of empathy by the hard core gangster who doesn’t cry, it’s the pastor who is the spiritual leader of thousands who says pray for me, its the tightwad millionaire who on this one day can’t resist the little old lady at the corner with no food and a sign. As much as all the power in the Eurocentric world says be selfish, be individualist, be arrogant, be superior, be mean and unfeeling because no one else matters, there is this “thing” called the soul of God which lives within our flesh and bones that just won’t leave us alone. Those of us who believe give in to that spirit, for we know it is most who are are and what we must become. The resistant, do resist, but every once in a while I catch “a devil” (me and you in our fleshy phase) doing good (sometimes it is me) and they commence the Shaggy song “It Wasn’t Me.” Yes it was, I see the God in you and I have hope cause I know it’s in me too, the same spirit that makes us one, and if you and I would get us out the way, what other good could come through us, for us, in us?


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