Those Who Do Not Learn From History Are Doomed to Say Dumb Ish

A sister elder of mine shared with me recently a rant that I have often gone on about our own people, especially the young, and their lack of real historical knowledge and understanding about themselves. Here’s the basic scenario:

She was in a Family Dollar around 6PM and heard a young Afrikan male (looked to be around 17-18) sharing with a young lady “they worked me like a slave!!!”

My sister… elder described herself as “speechless.” I would describe myself as wanting to seriously smack a fool, but if I did that every time I heard this, I wouldn’t have enough bail money.

No matter how hard you work and believe me, many of us work seriously hard and in difficult circumstances, as long as we earn ANY wage at all, have ANY kind of humanity or citizenship within the context of that labor, and if we can go to some place we call home at some point end of that long day, then we will never know what it is to work like a SLAVE. I am even leaving out the violence, rape,kidnapping, mutilation and other “extracurricular” aspects of THEIR daily work environment. Simply working hard for low pay is NOT being worked like a SLAVE. Even being an actual indentured servant is not being a SLAVE.

I think back to what Malcolm X said about the word revolution and how most in the movement in the 60s throwing that world around would be a lot more hesitant to use it, if they actually understood what it means.

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