Afrikan Econ Primer Lesson One

This just a news flash for all the brothers and sisters currently spending cash on a host of get rich relatively quick schemes running through our neighborhoods. Okay, I’m on let you in on the secret they ain’t gone tell you. The guy or girl that got you to buy their seminar on how to make a million bucks or attend their conferences or purchase their videos and book series made a million bucks by finding a million people like you who wanted to make a million bucks. Just think about it and then call me in the morning when you sober up from the cognitive intoxication. In the meantime, don’t expect me to join you in the collective delusion. I love you but I am chronically allergic to bullspit.

If we was to put half the work and effort and resources some of us put into this stuff into real economic development and entrepreneurship…well you know the rest. See the “get rich quick” scheme actually slows down your economic progress because you divert your startup resources to the people selling you the scheme. Since they are already rich, having bilked a bunch of suckers like you already, they good regardless. Meanwhile you spend so much money paying for their advice on how to make money that you have no money left to invest to make money. Instead of the “get rich quick” schemes, or even the idea of getting “rich”, how bout we focus on the “get financially stable” scheme where we learn about basic capitalist economics and how to use financial instruments, info you really don’t have to pay for. If you become stable, you have money to invest, and as your investments pay off, you can then get more comfortable. But you can never make money by consumptive spending. That is called the pyramid scheme and no matter how you run it, the money flows mostly to the top. It’s the “trickle down” economic theory where the poor are supposed to get rich as they make the rich richer and the US itself already proved that’s some nonsense. The folks selling ya’ll this whack ish is already comfortable because they got you out working for them.

On an econ tip this e-va-ning peoples so bear wit me cause I don’t think we get dis. Here we go. Now let’s pick somebody. Okay Mike J the world’s greatest basketball player. I remember when signed a $25 million per year contract with the Bulls and everyone’s eyes popped out of their heads. He clearly was going to make more money over the life of that contract than Afrikan people could imagine. But set this on your dome. The Bulls owner during the Jordan heyday realized more than 1 BILLION dollars annually from the team. So after 10 years of wear and tear on his body and mind, and hard labor on the court, Jordan could realize about a quarter of a billion and maybe another billion in endorsements. Meanwhile the team’s owner who did not touch a basketball, can’t shoot or dribble was going to realize at least 10 times that. My point? Do not be OVERLY impressed by how much the system is willing to pay you or some other economic slave (yes I said that, I am partially one too. Any job you HAVE to do that you do not control makes you an economic slave for that portion of your labor) for your goods or services. Understand the difference between wage value and entrepreneurial value. If I am willing to pay you a million dollars for a year’s work, I am calculating that you are worth at least 2-3 times that. The million is your wage worth and the slave is ALWAYS thinking of himself or herself ONLY in terms of their wage value to someone else. The free man or woman is always cognizant of their entrepreneurial value to THEMSELVES, that is, how much those willing to pay them REALLY think their labor is worth. And as a result of considering the latter, they are always seeing any wage arrangements as vehicles and stepping stone for moving towards entrepreneurship and realizing that REAL value for themselves and through them, for the masses of the people.

Get rich quick, get po’ quick. A fool and his money are SOON parted. Build an infrastructure for wealth creation which ain’t necessarily easy or quick, but can be readily done by anyone with effort, and then you stay relatively stable for a lifetime and maybe even have a little something to share with you lineage coming after. As I used to say the shortcut begins with the neck. The point for those that didn’t get that is that there really is no shortcut to long term success but commitment, faith, and hard work. Everything that tries to short circuit that approach, either fails or leads to other problems. Slavery made massive profits for a few, so did the railroads, so did the oil industry, so does professional sports. But if you study you know not ONE of these was built by one person overnight but by groups of people over half a century or more who built a structure. The people who profit today from these systems may LOOK like those who got wealth easy, but that is only because the foundation for their present wealth was laid by those who came before them. Similarly, if Afrikan people are to have a future of wealth and financial stability, they must prepare not only for themselves but for the future and preparing for the future is not about getting RICH now, because in this society getting RICH usually means SPENDING it, which is not preparing for anything but future poverty. The truly rich, retain not only the majority of their wealth, spending only their interest, but they also retain systems for wealth creation that succeed them. The Merck family was an immigrant family that made drugs. There is nothing about them that inherently made them superior to the brother on the block working in the same industry. The problem is that HE unlike they, does not understand wealth creation or retention. They will be wealthy and their companies will likely be long after he is dead and gone. His wealth will be fleeting, at best his lifetime, and may in fact be the reason he becomes dead and gone quickly.

And let’s be real. Three of the biggest German immigrant families were involved in drug production and distribution. The only reason we don’t call them drug dealers is that they had enough money to buy off politicians and lobby to have their drugs legalized and their system of distribution legitimated in what we call the “pharmacy.” Once in power, they then declared all drugs other than the ones they made and made money off of “illegal.” Of course the stuff they made and make today is not necessarily safer or better, just legally sanctioned. When the street drug dealer begins to make the transition from black market pharmaceuticals to understanding that he or she is a true businessman who is using the same skills they could use to form and cultivate a legit business in concert with others in their community, we will be on the road to revolutionary change. Same for the would-be gangsta, the community warrior and soldier in the enslaved disguise of Eurocentric brainwashing. And if we had REAL leaders rather than people making money off our collective destruction, they would be about this “conversion” process.

But they get paid to sit idly by while we die and they do their jobs all too well.


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