Requiem For the death dealers

For all those fake gangsters “ready to die,” let’s be real, You and I were dying the minute we were born, literally. So you been dying every day just like me. The most you can do to me, your people, or yourself is just speed up a process that is gone happen anyway. Someone who pours a cup of water over an already raging waterfall or throws sand in the desert ain’t really doing nothing. And certainly ain’t standing up for no manhood or showing courage.

Naw son, you can’t be a gangster AND a revolutionary at the same time. A gangster is ready to die for himself and his selfish interests and maybe those of his crew. A revolutionary is one who intends and prepares to live but is willing to die to preserve life for the whole of his people. If you are taking the life of your own people you are not a revolutionary at all, but one of the ones the real revolutionaries must ultimately work to eliminate. Learn the difference. There is a short time to do so.

It’s easy to die. Just stop breathing and start bleeding or maybe get bitten by a tiny mosquito you can’t see with some virus that slowly turns your internal organs to nothing. Your body is nothing but dust and destined to dust, and as you know even a good breeze can handle some dust. But living your spirit IN that body of dust? THAT son, that there requires a REAL man.

Malcolm said life was the best gift you had. He said preserve it, protect it. But he also said If you HAVE to give it up (notice the forced nature..not voluntary) die not for your oppression but for the defense of your helpmate that God gave you as you respect her, for the defense of your children whom you take care of, for the defense of your economics and education and healthcare and societies which you help to build for yourself and your people. And if you gone do none of that or provide any help to those that do try , then go ahead and die but don’t take those that have potential to do so WITH you, cause we need them and God sent them to us for His purposes among the people and not for your selfish destruction.

The wild animals and beasts of the field kill all the time, only the beasts among men kill themselves for sport and honor rather than due cause or necessity. Are you a man, youngsta or a beast? You decide. And if you choose to be a beast, let me hit you with a reality breakthrough, it’s not poverty or racism or your hood or your crew or your gat or God that made you one. It’s YOU son and when hell greets you, it’s only gone be you in your paltry, failed defense.

Real old school soldiers and brothers like me? We seen a lot of hell among our people trying to help ourselves and help them and other humans in the process. That’s why we don’t want to send them there, see them go, or go ourselves.

If the living live for death, and for the dead, and fight for the dead, then who will fight and live for the living? Let the dead bury the dead, my brother, my sister, and let us today you and I agree to LIVE and honor life. And die as we must one day, but FOR life and not for death itself. For if we die for death, we have only died. But if we die for life indeed and its right to exist and its right to a humane standard of quality among our own and others, we have not have truly died at all.

I might like you, die tomorrow. And if you don’t change your hellish mentality, I might very well die at one of your hands, my own brother or sister. But I assure you while I might die tomorrow, and certainly will die one day sooner rather than later, I will live forever because I lived for life to begin with. And if you don’t understand what I just said, you might spend what time you have left trying to find out my meaning rather than bringing mayhem among your own people.


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