he did that already!

Everyone has their favorite scriptural passage. For me, it is the words “It is finished.” Judgmental Christians are those whose faith is weak and who believe it’s not completely finished yet and that God needs them to work on you a bit more to accomplish His task. But scripture says the work of salvation is finished. Done, Over. Needs no additional activity. The work of progressive sanctification and molding in His image, scripture says, HE will complete. That means Him, not you or I. So as a Christian, my dialogue is not about why you need me or my little group to or my theology or organization to do something for you, but to share with you what HE has already done for me and you and what you and I can and should do as a result, freed of the chains. His yoke is light and when you realize that, you joy in taking it on. Judgmental Christians pack it with reminders and histories of the baggage that Christ has freed us from and it becomes so heavy that people who would come home turn away from the load, seeing no relief in faith from the burdens of the world.

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