Not my movement!

Stop using the Black or pan-African or whatever you choose to call it, movement as a justification for prejudice. I meet too many folks who disguise themselves as Afrikan revolutionaries or Black nationalists or whatever who, if you listen to what they say, and analyze their program proposals are basically garden-variety racists, sexists, heterosexists, anti-religious bigots, religious bigots, nativists, and on and on. None of that stuff is Afrikan in origin. Just as I get ticked off by those who try to argue that their religion and God requires that they be prejudiced and discriminate, I want to use the trap door in the floor for folks that flaunt the red, black, and green but really just want an Afrikanated version of Eurocentrism where we just change the rhetoric to oppress some other kinds of groups (as opposed to fighting things that oppress humans generally). Count me out of all this dead-end bullspit.


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