Not your commission

If there is anything I can’t stand and that’s makes my spirit troubled, it is self-righteous (as if there was such a thing in our faith), arrogant, and judgmental Christians who actually have been convinced by Eurocentric textual literalism and philosophy that God saved them to appoint them to walk around with a particular Eurocentric text and tell people whar’s wrong with THEIR lives. That is lie unto hell and I mean that literally and until we purge this theology of man disguised as the theology of Christ, the earthly church will still want for power as it will remain disconnected from the spiritual church of the Lord for which He comes and to which He shall be bethrothed.


It is our JOB to present the gospel, which means GOOD news. Presenting me with a list of my faults from a text is NOT giving me good news of my potential for salvation. The Pharisees did THAT. The gospels are about mercy, forgiveness, salvation, and righteousness DESPITE the fact that we are sinners and unworthy and all GOD requires is acceptance of that as a gift and acknowledgment of the same. It was errant believers who walked around with the Torah thinking themselves spiritually superior because they were chosen (some are still on that ish) and telling other people, supposedly inferior, about how messed they were. Let him who hath no sin cast the first stone. Some Christians argue we were trained to BE stonethrowers. A lie from the devil himself and the condemnation of God Almighty be upon anyone who teaches His sheep such things. None is righteous but the Father. ALL have fallen short. The good news I have for you is that the same God who forgave and forgives me, healed and heals me, sustained and sustains me, wants and is willing to do the same for you if you will only call and accept Him. That’s it, folks. It is because as a Christian I am NOT different from you in my capacity for sin and temptation or error that I can have a oneness with all despite their circumstances. We all began in the same sinking ship, but I was given an undeserved way to shore and it is my honor, my privilege, to His glory that I am able to tell you about it and try to get you headed that way with me. If you as a Christian have no good news, you have no gospel, you have no conversion and may be headed to hell with your theology, your denomination, and your Bible in your hand.

NO text is the LIVING WORD. For the WORD was made FLESH and walked among us. HE is the living word which we must follow and by which standard we are judged, not texts. The text is useful for study and learning about the good and the evil of man and God’s goodness throughout as well as His plan for our salvation. But if you are using a text and your own illusion of righteousness, going around criticizing your brothers and sisters for all their sins and errors, you are a Pharisee and not a Christian. Christ said, you know, Christ, the one we must aim to be like? The one God is transforming us into IF our conversion is true?. I COME NOT TO JUDGE THE WORLD, BUT TO SAVE IT. We are servants and disciples of a SAVIOUR, not a condemnatory judge and our message is the possibility of salvation to avoid condemnation, of victory despite sin, not condemnation itself. That OTHER message..that constant reminder of how you fall short and how sad and sinful and messed up your are? That would be…the spirit of Lucifer who wants you and me and all of us to stay in the darkness, thinking bout it, and helping others think about it, rather than the light of the world. The TRUE light.

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