Concerning the difference between reparations and space cadetry: Are they both the same?

The greatest empirical case to be made against the likelihood of reparations are the very circumstances that make the case for the necessity of reparations in the first place. Vampires generally aren’t known for giving blood back voluntarily. Had a brother send me a vid of someone from the “reparations” crew. The basic thesis was that somehow people had been “brainwashed” into believing that Afrikans did not “deserve” reparations. And the implication is those who don’t agree with this stuff must be brainwashed. Actually, its the other way around. Let me say this again..operation REALITY CHECK.

I’m against it but it’s not about whether we DESERVE it or not. It’s just that it’s idiotic to think that Europeans are ever going to give them and if there WAS a token payment, it would just be absorbed into the same economic system we have. I predict 90% of the payment would be back in non-Afrikan hands by sundown. We buy cars, hair products, fast food, and disposables. That is what we would do if you handed every person a cash for me its not about being brainwashed against’s about us still focusing on economic strategies that involve others giving rather than us retaining. Afrikans, if they organize collectively, right now control the majority of the world’s raw materials and a large portion of the labor. We would be richest people on earth, even today if we understood economics well. Poverty is a state of mind, not a quantity of wealth. But as long as our economic strategy is beg, bum, borrow, or steal, there will be no economic progress and the idea that any payment of any kind constitutes payment for the enslavement and death of our people is for me offensive to Afrikan spiritual understanding. You could hand me a billion dollars, you cannot buy my grandmother nor recompense me for her life and misery at your hands. In fact, I accept in Afrikan tradition part of the profits of your evil in accepting any such payment. No thanks. Keep that blood money and forthcoming punishment right over there where you got it.

The debt is owed to the ancestors and the creator and they are collecting and will continue until the end of time. The whole civilization will pay. But not by the hands and contrivances of man.

I have spent a long time debating that whole reparations crew over my two decades and what have they achieved?..Nothing. Not one thing and they are not going to. Meanwhile we have lost tens of billions of dollars in land and resources that we had, this whole approach is for me counter-Afrikan. We build from what we had resource wise, collectively and culturally, it was only after slavery that we developed the idea that our politics, our economics, our “everything” always had to depend on what certain other people did or did not do. Once we discard the slave mentality and take charge of our own economic mind, we won’t need reparations, whether we “deserve” them or not. Last year we generated more than a trillion dollars in US revenue..where did it go? Answer THAT question and you’ll understand why I think reparations is a lot of hot air at a time we cannot afford any more losses. We need to focus on real money and land and resources now not imaginary, theoretical money from someone that has no intention to pay that you have to convince. We’re not broke, but we will be if we keep waiting on some handout and it is and would be a handout because it could not be a payment anywhere equal the real debt.

Next to the space cadets out there trying to be ancient Moors, ancient Egyptians or assorted other cartoon characters, this might be the second biggest waste of time and energy in the so-called “movement.” . Marching somewhere in the vicinity of Eurocentric monuments thinking that is doing something might be a close third.

My point about poverty being mental is that if you give resources to a person with an impoverished spirit and mentality, who is oriented towards conspicuous and non-communal consumption, they will be broke almost as quickly as you give it.

I just don’t think any reparations is ever going to happen and so for me the mechanics of it are a bit like an economic strategy that has as a premise that clause “when pigs fly” or “when the aliens land”. It reminds me of those Afrikans standing in the middle of the hood in the US who try to be ancient people as if ancient Africa is coming back. I am strongly grounded in what we have and where we are, in REALITY, not futurism and theoreticals and that’s my problem with all this. Its like the “when Santa comes” formula. I don’t get there. I think we need that training for a new economic pattern of thinking sans any “reparations”. We need it now to keep the current resources and other things from going through our fingers.

The notion that a civilization which has been anti-Afrikan for more than 500 years and largely retains economic and political as well as social interests that are at fundamental odds with Afrikan cultural and civilizational survival is suddenly going to hand over billions and trillions of dollars in assets to Afrikans in a fit of conscience or a ruling from judges they pay requires a level of crack and meth use for belief that I cannot fathom. It defies any empirical evidence I can muster.

It’s waiting for that dog to meow. As a believer in miracles, I cannot eliminate that as a possibility altogether, but I just can’t see that as something we should invest in over and above controlling the trillions of dollars of real assets we control right now in a responsible and collectively conscious manner,

The greatest empirical case to be made against the likelihood of reparations are the very circumstances that make the case for the necessity of reparations in the first place. Vampires generally aren’t known for giving blood back voluntarily.


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